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I just purchased an ulu knife, how often do I sharpen it?

Only when it gets dull to cut with.  Our knife blade is a 420 Stainless Steel heat treated to a 53 Rockwell Hardness.  The resulting long lasting sharp edge will stay sharp for years.

Is the ulu sharpened differently than a regular knife? 
You only have to sharpen one side of the knife blade.  The side that has been ground requires occasional treatment using a knife sharpener or a grinding stone.  Most simple sharpening systems will work great.

How do I keep the wood handle from getting dried out? 
We recommend  mineral oil be applied every couple months to your wood handles.  This oil is natural and isn¹t effected by temperature or humidity.  You can use it for your cutting bowls.  It¹s available at any pharmacy and many grocery stores.

Can the ulu knife be washed in a dishwasher? 
It is not recommended as the prolonged contact with water causes the wood to absorb the moisture, swell and crack. Ulus and bowls should always be washed by hand and dried immediately.