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ULU is introducing premium CBD products designed to soak up the stress of the working day. With the right mindset you make the right decisions, increasing your productivity and success rate. Using only the purest CBD oil, we’ve come out with a range of good stuff to help busy people who insist on the absolute best.


our quest

You are under pressure. The deadline was last week. You are close to breaking point. We have all been there. We offer only top-quality hemp extract supplements that are free of THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis, which gets you high). With stress in the workplace more common than ever, our aim is to provide decision-makers with clarity and relaxation – however bad it gets.

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Paul Hembery, Founder, ULU

our story

Paul Hembery, the founder of ULU, has been a prominent figure in one of the most high-pressure environments in the world: the very top level of global motorsport.

“I saw people under immense stress, travelling all the time, making very important decisions under huge pressure, and not even able to sleep” says Paul. “So I thought to myself: what can I do to help?”

Paul, who also spends a lot of time in California – where he saw at first hand the advantages of CBD – embarked on a lengthy programme of research to find healthy alternatives to the traditional stress-busting props of alcohol or tobacco. ULU was the answer.

3 bottles of ULU CBD Amino oils with leaves and Lavender blossom
3 bottles of ULU CBD Amino oils with leaves and Lavender blossom
our values
We’re a UK company using only CBD sourced from Europe – so nothing dodgy. We’re bringing you a range of pure herbal products, already used by top executives, which can change your working life for the better. And we’re always around if you want to know more. We’d love to hear from you, in person or via our social channels.