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4 Essential Tips To Help You Buy CBD Online

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Buying CBD online can be a bit of minefield. There are so many companies out there, and it’s not easy to find out a lot about them or know their reputations. At the moment CBD oil is not regulated in the UK. Meaning that it’s entirely down to the consumer to find a safe, high quality CBD oil. You could spend hours on the internet finding out all about the market (trust us, we have…) and come out blinded with “science”. Some of it invented, or at the very least, spun. So to save everyone a lot of time and effort, we’ve put together five essential tips to help you buy CBD online


1. Do your research

As stated above, this is still an unregulated industry. This means that companies could label almost any product as ‘CBD Oil’ and sell it as something that it’s not. Manufacturers could also lie about the cannabinoid content of the product. One product tested from a high-street pharmacy contained no CBD at all in a recent trial.

So, when you buy CBD online make sure to do your research into the company you’re purchasing from. You should only ever buy from CBD companies who:

  • Use independent third-party lab tests on all their products
  • Are willing to disclose the results of these lab tests publicly.

That’s why here at ULU, we remain completely transparent with our customers. We use third party testing on all our products, and you can find the results of our most recent lab tests here.

Lab reports will not only verify that the oil you’re buying is in fact CBD oil. But they will also determine what amounts of cannabinoids every bottle contains. As well as helping you avoid a scam, these reports also guarantee safety.

Some reports detail what other compounds can be found in the oil. Sometimes, fertilisers and pesticides used in the growing process manage to find their way into the oil. And these may show up on the chromatograph.

As a general rule of buying CBD online, never buy from a company that doesn’t publish results from a third-party lab test or seems in any way hard to contact. At ULU, we’re here and available to answer your questions at any time.

We’ve also created a guide to buying CBD oil – with 7 red flags to watch out for.


2. Make sure it’s not hempseed oil

When you buy CBD online, make sure you’re not buying hempseed oil! That’s because CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same thing.

In the UK, CBD oil must be made from the industrial hemp plant, a type of the cannabis sativa plant that contains less than 0.03% THC. This law is in place to prevent production and sale of illegal drugs: in other words, marijuana.

While hemp leaves contain cannabinoids such as CBD and are used to make oils, the seeds of the plant do not. Hemp seeds contain only trace amounts of cannabinoids, meaning they have no value in CBD oils at all. However, hemp seeds are not entirely useless – they contain plenty of unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids. Essentially, they are great health supplements. Hemp seeds can be cold pressed to make hempseed oil, which is sold as a food supplement much like CBD oil. What it isn’t though is a cannabinoid-rich supplement.

This is another reason why lab tests are important – first you need to know that the product contains any CBD at all. But otherwise, you can simply check the label to make sure it is CBD hemp oil and not hempseed oil.


3. Make sure there’s a low THC content

When you buy CBD online In the UK, it is illegal for these products to contain more than 0.02% THC. THC is the part of marijuana that contains psychoactive properties – the ones that get you high. However, other countries have more relaxed laws surrounding marijuana. This means that, when you buy CBD online from other countries, the product could be created from marijuana extracts – not hemp. So, these products can contain higher amounts of THC.

THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana, which is why it is illegal in Great Britain. While a sublingual CBD oil will not get you high in any case, that’s probably not what you’re after.

The internet is an open marketplace. So it’s possible that you might stumble across a high-THC CBD oil being manufactured in somewhere like America. It’s unlikely that these companies will ship to the UK. However, if they do, you could face legal consequences. The oil would likely be confiscated at the border, and the authorities might come knocking on your door. The lab reports should tell you all you need.


4. Know what you want and have realistic expectations

CBD oil has a number of different uses and ways to take it. It’s not a universal miracle cure, that’s one-size-fits-all. However, many people have reported that it promotes relaxation, concentration, good sleep and pain loss. So know what you want to achieve and therefore which CBD product you’re after buying online.

For example, you can use CBD E-liquid in vaping machines, but it isn’t suitable for sublingual use (where you put some drops under the tongue). Other products are designed specifically for direct application onto your body, such as CBD skincare products. . Yet more can be added to food. You can also try the very convenient CBD tablets.

If you’re not sure which CBD product could work for you, check out the ULU guide to CBD products, uses and benefits. ULU’s website can also help you find your way to the exact CBD product that you need. And let you know how to take it.


Ready to buy CBD online?

Now that you understand more about how to buy CBD online safely and legally, why not shop our range of ULU CBD products?

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