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Anthony Peacock: Sleepless in Seattle. Or Was it Toronto? 

Anthony Peacock, UlU Public Relations, ULU Nation, CBD For jetlag


Hi, I’m Anthony Peacock, known as ‘Anton.’ (Yes, everyone round here appears to have an alternative name). I’ll be writing regular articles for the ULU community section of the blog: ULU Nation! I’d love to tell you a bit more about me, and how I became an avid user of CBD for jetlag!


About me

I look after public relations for ULU but that’s not my only job. The rest of the time, I’m running around the world, meeting new people and trying to influence them. That’s the theory at least. 

In practice, I work in PR, or to put it more accurately, ‘content creation’. You’re probably now thinking that this sounds like some hipster millennial buzzword coined by someone with a long beard who spends too much time in artisanal coffee shops but honestly – I’m about as far from millennial as it’s possible to get. Very shortly, I’m going to be closer to 50 than 40. And while I like coffee shops, the truth is that pubs tend to be more fun. 


Content creation

What ‘content creation’ is all about is simply producing material: blogs, articles, press releases, features, videos and photos, then putting them together in a hopefully interesting way. It’s a bit like being a writer in 3D, because all the boundaries between different communications methods are definitely being blurred these days.

Were Charles Dickens around now, he’d definitely have a blog – he sort of did, actually, in Victorian newspapers – while Shakespeare was so mercenary that he’d be constantly updating his LinkedIn page. 

There’s such a massive number of media outlets around now, especially digital, that the Internet feels like a giant beast that’s constantly hungry. And it’s part of my role to feed it. So, you can probably add ‘digital zookeeper’ to my job description too. 

Now that does sound contemporary. I might just stick it on a business card and see how long I can keep a straight face for. After all, it sounds no less ridiculous than ‘inversion and holistic imaginative cognition’ that genuinely appeared as a speciality on somebody’s calling card I was handed recently. To this day, I have absolutely no idea what George does, apart from make people wonder what his job is. 


What I do

I work on media content in quite a few industries, from CBD to watchmaking, but – like our founder Pablo, who you will have heard from earlier – I spend a lot of time doing automotive stuff, which is why from time to time you’ll hear our take about what’s going on in the world of Formula 1 and other things on four wheels. 

Perhaps the most surprising aspect to writing about cars is just how much time you spend on planes. So much time, in fact, that you become a repository for absolutely useless information, such as the fact that YYZ is the airport code for Toronto. Obviously. And that the only London tube station not to contain any of the letters found in the word ‘mackerel’ is St John’s Wood (thank the reruns of QI on British Airways for this gem). 

The only real downside to the job, apart from having to constantly justify why you’re leaving behind a carbon footprint the size of a yeti, is the jet lag. For many years, I simply clung to the mantra of ‘sleep when you’re tired, stay awake when you’re not’, and that served me pretty well. There’s something smugly satisfying about sending emails at 4am, before having a well-deserved nap at 9am. 


How I started using CBD for jetlag

But the relatively recent occasion in which I fell asleep on a plate of spaghetti carbonara, aided and abetted by a good quantity of Chianti and the company of some pretty boring people – let’s hope they’re not reading this – forced me to re-think. 

While there’s not a lot you can do to stay awake when you’re falling asleep (apart from avoiding dullards and directing as much cold air as possible onto your feet – this really works) there’s actually a lot you can do to fall asleep when feeling awake. 

Tormented by various time zones, as well as nightmares about how to persuade people to slake their digital thirsts at my various online watering holes (another 100% genuine description, this time delivered at a seminar from a British sports car company that should know better) I decided to try taking CBD for jet lag. And I found out that CBD oil helped, taken on a nightly basis. 

The effect wasn’t instant, but it did briefly pause the hamster wheel of creative thought long enough for sleep to take over. Combined with other sensible practices (switching off phones, placing iPads out of reach, along with all other tempting distractions like the keys to the minibar) I finally found myself sufficiently relaxed to gain a proper night’s sleep more often than not. Who knows, I might even have discovered holistic imaginative cognition. 


Thanks for checking in!

I’ll be on the road again shortly, so will keep you posted. I’ll be writing more about using CBD for jetlag, as well as more about my life and what I’m up to. In the meantime, keep dipping your bucket in my digital well. And stop sniggering, you at the back…


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