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Anxiety and CBD

Tips for Beating the Winter Blues with CBD Oil

winter walking in snow

As winter first approaches, you may get excited by the prospects of cosy Christmas nights and the festivities. However, as Christmas passes and we enter the new year, it can be challenging to cope with. The days become shorter, and the temperature drops here in the UK. Between the colder months and living through a global pandemic, it’s no surprise that more people are suffering from poor mental health. In fact, looking after your wellbeing has never been so important and CBD Oil can help.


Why Might My Mood Be Lower?

 There are a variety of reasons why your mood may drop in the winter. Understanding this can better equip you to prepare for the season and protect your mental health.

Things are changing:

Change can be challenging, whether expected or not. From the change of the seasons to the changes you’ve faced over the last year, it can have a significant impact on how you live your life. Having to adapt your daily routines can leave people feeling lost and uncertain, leading to a decline in your mental health.

Reduced daylight:

A common characteristic of winter is the short days, as the sun sets earlier. On average, the sunlight makes up 90% of the vitamin D that humans require. However, the lack of sunlight in the winter means you will not get those essential nutrients from the sun. As more people experience a vitamin D deficiency, you may notice your immune system weaken and drops in your mood. Moreover, one study showed vitamin D deficiencies were more common in people with anxiety and depression. Therefore, the lack of light can play a pivotal role in your mood drop.

What can I do to manage my mental health and beat the winter blues?

Winter blues, scientifically known as seasonal depressive disorder (SAD), is a disorder that affects your mental health. Firstly, looking out for the signs of depression is vital whether you’ve experienced the condition in the past or not. Hence, understanding what SAD entails is beneficial because it’ll better equip you to cope and put preventative measures in place.

The NHS reports the common signs of seasonal depressive disorder:

  • Persistent low mood
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Irritability
  • Lacking in energy/feeling sleepy
  • Sleeping longer than usual

If you think you’ve been affected by any of these, please reach out to your doctor for support.

Below we have put together some advice for coping with the cold season.

Create a routine that fulfils you

It’s no surprise if your usual routine has changed over the last year. As humans, we rely on the comfort of familiarity; a stable routine is apart of this. During the winter, it is beneficial to develop a routine that energises and fulfils you. Firstly, to do this, make sure you’re working around any prior commitments you may have, such as working. Secondly, carve out time for you. Self-care comes in many forms, such as the physical, mental, to even spiritual activities. Consequently, we advise doing a little of each type throughout your week. Moreover, if you feel tight for time, observe your current days and look for where you can substitute an activity, for 10 minutes of ‘you time’. For example, you may choose to do 10 minutes of light stretching in the morning, instead of scrolling through your phone.

What activities can you add into your day to fulfil you? Here are our examples, but feel free to make your own list and try new things!

  • Stretching or exercise; This is particularly beneficial in the mornings to help you release those happy hormones.
  • A warm drink infused with ULU CBD oil; This is a beautiful way to start your morning or wind down in the evening. Check out our CBD Dalonga coffee recipe for inspiration!
  • Read a few pages of a book.
  • Eat a nutritious meal.
  • Practise mindfulness through meditation.
  • Video call a loved one.

CBD OIl and exercise help you relax

Natural light

As we have discussed, natural light is limited in the winter, meaning your vitamin D levels will be low. With this in mind, we advise making the most of the daylight where you can. Although lockdown restrictions may make it harder, you can try to go for a walk each day. Whether you manage 10 minutes in the morning or an hour every day, it’s essential to prioritise. Making the most of the light will help you balance your mood and boost your immune system.

Maintain a balanced lifestyle

Moving your body and having a balanced diet are two great ways to balance your lifestyle. Firstly, incorporating exercise into your days can help you reduce the stress hormone cortisol and boost your endorphins; these are responsible for elevating your mood. Secondly, eating well will give your body the appropriate nutrients it needs to fight off infections, boost your mood and regulate your energy. As the access to gyms remain restricted, why not try some home workouts or some slow yoga?

Sleeping well

Never underestimate the power of good sleep! Here at ULU, we discuss sleep a lot. Why? Because CBD has shown fantastic potential for aiding sleep problems. In fact, a lack of rest can worsen mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. However, when you’re suffering from low mental well-being, getting a good nights sleep may seem impossible. With this in mind, we developed a specialised CBD and Amino Acid supplement, designed to relax your mind, fall asleep faster and improve your quality of sleep.

If you want to learn more about ULU CBD and Amino supplements, read all about how CBD and GABA can assist sleep.


Develop a mindfulness practice:

Mindfulness has grown in popularity in recent years, with its benefits becoming more widely recognised. Developing a mindfulness practice has been shown to reduce anxiety, slow the rate of ageing and improve mood. Moreover, as you embark on this mindful journey, it widens your awareness and could help you accept the changes occurring in your life. Finally, along with all these excellent benefits, you may find yourself being kinder and more compassionate towards yourself, helping you to tackle those winter blues. Many people are even pairing their practice with CBD to reduce stress symptoms and promote a healthier lifestyle and better sleep.

Take CBD Oil consistently:

CBD is growing in popularity, and so is the research surrounding it. The current research shows that CBD can aid mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, reduce pain and help you sleep. When taken consistently, your body can utilise the full benefits of CBD, thanks to the way it interacts with the bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex system found in your body that regulates mood, sleep, pain, your immune and digestive system, to name a few.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up; you can take our full spectrum oils under the tongue, in a hot drink or even incorporate it into your meals and desserts!

You may even enjoy browsing our CBD recipe videos!

Stay in contact with friends and family:

During the winter, we tend to stay indoors more frequently, and as a result, don’t see our loved ones as much. As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of self-care; this includes social self-care. Managing your social activities may consist of scheduling weekly video calls with your family and friends, limiting your time on social media and confiding in your loved ones. You can support each other in your struggles while reducing feelings of loneliness. Finally, due to the current circumstances, try to mix up your activities now and then; you could suggest playing a game over video chat or getting the family together for a virtual bake-off! I personally suggest pizza making from scratch; it’s a lot of fun and offers plenty of conversation!

a card saying call a friend

Which CBD Oil is best for the Winter Blues:

Here at ULU, we are passionate about mental health (.You can read how Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo is one of many celebrities speaking out on mental health) and how CBD can assist your health journey. . Our CBD range offers a wide array of products from skincare, capsules, to vape liquids, but what product is best for the winter blues?

Our full-spectrum CBD oil and vegan capsules are two excellent options for year-round and offer high-quality CBD extract. However, if you’re keen on beating those winter blues, why not try our ‘Happy Amino CBD Oil? We crafted this premium product because it combines our finest CBD with L-tryptophan, an amino acid that gets converted into serotonin; one of your ‘happy hormones’ responsible for elevating your mood and aiding sleep.

In conclusion, caring for your mental health is essential all year, but it can be beneficial to take some extra measures in winter. The reduced daylight and changes to your routine can disrupt your life, so we hope our tips for beating the winter blues has provided value.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of CBD products to aid your winter.





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