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The Complete 2020 Guide to CBD in Cheltenham

Whilst the UK has been quick to adopt CBD, the perhaps more conservative Cheltenham has been far slower in its acceptance of cannabidiol products. And whilst this is starting to change with many more mainstream retailers starting to adopt CBD items, many people in Cheltenham are still largely unfamiliar with the topic!

So, as an online CBD company based in Cheltenham, we’ve created this quick-read guide to CBD in Cheltenham, including:

  • Laws and regulations around CBD
  • Different CBD products in Cheltenham
  • Where to buy high-quality CBD oil in Cheltenham
  • How to recognise a high-quality product
  • How to find the CBD product that works best for you


A Rough Guide to CBD Oil in Cheltenham 

  • CBD oil in Cheltenham is becoming more widely available, with more mainstream retailers such as Boots and Holland & Barrett stocking cannabidiol products
  • There are some concerns about about the quality of CBD products available in Cheltenham
  • Cannabidiol oil in Cheltenham includes both full-spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate options 
  • With a government licence Cheltenham farmers  can grow Industrial Hemp as long as hemp THC content is less than 0.2%.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound found naturally in the hemp plant. Users report a wide variety of health benefits including support with stress and anxiety, improved skin health, boosted immune function and pain relief among many others.

And hemp is a type of plant found within the cannabis sativa species. This is where some confusion comes in. Many people think that CBD comes from or contains marijuana. But this isn’t the case! Marijuana is also a plant within the cannabis sativa species, but it is not the same as hemp.


a family tree diagram of cannabis, hemp and marijuana

In fact, marijuana contains very low levels of CBD. So, it’s not ideal for creating CBD products. It also contains high levels of THC – the psychoactive chemical compound that causes a high. Whereas hemp contains naturally low levels of THC, which are then removed during the CBD extraction process to be compliant with UK law. So, don’t worry! CBD products won’t get you high and aren’t illegal as long as they adhere to UK regulations and contain less than 0.0% THC.

Find out more about the types, uses and benefits of CBD products in the Cheltenham.


Is it legal to buy CBD in Cheltenham?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: Yes, it is legal to buy CBD in Cheltenham, as long as it adheres to UK regulations. You can buy a CBD as long as the product contains less than 0.00% THC. THC is the compound that can get you high, and potentially leads to failing a drugs test.

However, the guidelines around CBD oil in Cheltenham could soon be changing. CBD oil in Europe has recently been classed as a novel food item, meaning that it could be banned. And whilst it’s unclear whether the UK government will adopt this ruling, it’s important to keep updated. Remember, you’ll still be held liable for buying an illegal product even if it was mis-sold to you.


Different CBD products in Cheltenham

If you have been searching ‘CBD products in Cheltenham’, or even more specifically, ‘CBD oil Cheltenham ’ in the hopes of finding a high-quality cannabidiol product in your city, then you have  come to the right place.

So, what exactly are the types of CBD products you can expect to find in Cheltenham?



A collection of ULU CBD vape e-liquids in packaging


Vaping CBD offers rapid absorption and an instant dosage of cannabidiol. And for people who already vape, it’s the way to blend CBD into your daily life most seamlessly. Due to its quick absorption rate, vaping CBD is most suited to helping symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as chronic pain.

Here at ULU, we have a range of high-strength 10% CBD vape oils in 6 popular flavours. And all of our vapes are nicotine-free. CBD is non-addictive – so we don’t like to put anything else that could cause addiction into our vape oils and e-liquids.



ULU relax 10mg CBD capsules displayed with packaging
ULU relax 10mg CBD capsules

CBD capsules are one of the most common CBD products in Cheltenham. And this is partly because many of us already take a daily supplement or vitamin. So, CBD capsules feel familiar, as well as easily blending into your daily routine. They also come in pre-measured doses for further ease of use.

We offer high-strength 10% CBD capsules to support Cheltonians with their busy and stressful lives.



ULU CBD and l glutamic acid supplement with business card U love U


CBD in London has become quite popular over the past 5 years or so. In fact, CBD oil drops are the most common form of CBD across the UK as a whole. Using a dropper or dosing pipette allows a precise dosage of your daily product. You simply place the oil under your tongue and wait 60 seconds for it to become absorbed.

Alternatively, you could try dropping your CBD oil into your food or drink. Why not check out our recipes for CBD chocolate brownies and CBD coffee?


chocolate brownies on a plate with ULU 10% chill CBD oil

However, as with any CBD product, you’ll need to take CBD regularly, on a long-term basis, in a high concentration to have any real benefits. So, here at ULU, we offer the most potent CBD oils in Cheltenham. We want to give our customers the best value for money. So, you won’t find our high concentrations of CBD oil from many other CBD retailers.



a woman posing with ulu range of CBD skincare and beauty products including CBD cream, balm, serum and oil

CBD skincare products are relatively new to the Cheltenham market. However, CBD is actually a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It also helps to reduce production of sebum, meaning that it also has anti-acne benefits.

When you use CBD skincare products, they’re not absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, they shouldn’t be your first choice if you’re looking for support with anxiety, stress, immune function, heart or brain health. However, they can help provide an even, clear skin tone, reduce redness or itching, and also reduce signs of ageing.

ULU has an extensive collection of topical CBD products. We use only the finest, natural ingredients, combined with our potent, organic cannabidiol. And we’re proud to offer some of the highest concentrations of CBD skincare products in Cheltenham as well as the wider UK. In fact, we haven’t found any retailers offering higher-concentration skincare products than us.

Find out more about the different CBD products available in the UK.


Where to buy CBD oil products in Cheltenham

You’ll be faced with a lot of choice if you’re looking to  buy CBD in Cheltenham. However, not all methods are equal when it comes to finding a high-quality, high-strength product from a retailer you can trust.


Buy CBD in-store

When it comes to buying CBD products including CBD oil in Cheltenham, you can now choose from a number of physical retailers. There are a number of vaping shops, and specialist beauty suppliers stocking cannabidiol products. And mainstream retailers such as Holland & Barrett and Boots have also started stocking CBD. We’ve even seen some CBD drinks in some of the off-licenses on the lower High Street.

Buying in-store is convenient. You’ll be able to hold the product in your hand, and get an accurate feel for product size. However, you should always shop with caution when it comes to buying CBD in a shop. You could find yourself swayed by a pushy sales assistant without having the time to do your own research first. And if you’re buying from a more general retailer, there may not be a dedicated CBD expert on hand to advise you and answer questions.

The quality of CBD products found in-store can vary hugely. A 2019 UK report into CBD products on the market found that many UK CBD retailers’ products contained less CBD than advertised. And many of them actually had illegal levels of CBD – this includes mainstream brands sold in Boots and Holland & Barrett!




Buy CBD Online

However  another option when buying CBD in Cheltenham is to buy CBD online. During the Covid-19 crisis and the need to social distance, many people have turned to on-line shopping, and this is true as well for CBD.

Buying online provides more choice when it comes to CBD products. However, this means that you’ll need to do your research to make sure you’re buying a high-quality product.

Here at ULU we exclusively stock online products for these reasons. We’re also a Cheltenham-based business and can supply your CBD products overnight from our Gloucestershire-based CBD warehouse. 

To find out more about how to buy CBD online safely and legally, check out some of our recent articles:

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4 Essential Tips To Help You Buy CBD Online


How to guarantee a high-quality CBD product

When it comes to buying CBD products and CBD oil in Cheltenham – either in-store or online – we urge you to do some careful research. So, here is some of our best advice about how to find the highest-quality CBD products.

  • Many retailers will offer cheaper products, whilst making claims about amazing benefits. But usually when you look at the CBD content of a budget product, there actually isn’t much cannabidiol. Remember, you’ll need to take a high concentration of CBD on a regular, long-term basis to have any real benefits. And if the price of a CBD product seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Often, CBD retailers use different metrics when it comes to the CBD content of each product. Some use mg, some use % and others use PPM. This often makes it difficult to work out exactly how much CBD you’re getting, and even more difficult to compare one product with another. Reputable retailers will be very clear about exact CBD content. We believe that percentage of overall CBD content is the easiest measurement to understand. And if you can find the CBD per dose, (which we always give for our CBD oils) this is even better.
  • A reputable seller will have a professional website with advanced security certificates. There will also be a guarantee that products contain less than 0.00% THC.
  • Remember to read reviews not only on the retailer website, but also from third-party, independent review sites.
  • Only purchase from retailers who have their products tested by independent labs to verify quality, purity and 0% THC content. You can find our ULU lab reports here.


ULU – Premium High-strength CBD in Cheltenham

So, now you understand more about CBD laws, CBD products, as well as how and where to buy high-quality CBD in cheltenham, why not check out our online CBD store?

We’re a Cheltenham-based CBD business with a commitment to high-quality and high-strength. And we offer a wide range of oils, capsules, vapes and skincare products. So, there really is a CBD product to suit any need!

Happy CBD shopping

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