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A Brief Guide to CBD in Wales



If you have been googling ‘CBD in Wales ’ in the hopes of finding a high-quality cannabidiol products in your country, then you have come to the right place. However, with so many retailers and so much information available, it’s important to stay informed and educated. It’s also important to familiarise yourself with guidelines about CBD products in Wales to make sure you’re buying safely and legally.

So, to help you stay up to date, this article will include:

  • The legal status of CBD in Wales
  • Different types of CBD products in Wales
  • Information about Welsh industrial hemp guidelines
  • The difference between hemp oil and CBD oil in Wales


A Brief Guide to Welsh CBD

  • Wales  is perhaps one of the most CBD-friendly countries in the UK. It is renowned for having positive attitudes to industrial hemp growth. So, it stands to reason that there are a huge variety of CBD products in Wales today!
  • Unsurprisingly, hemp-derived cannabidiol in Wales (and other CBD products) are widely available in many forms.
  • Industrial hemp cultivated in Wales must contain 0.2% THC or less to be legal under UK law
  • Cannabidiol oil in Wales includes both full-spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate options 
  • In Wales, the Home Office regulate the cultivation, processing, and sale of hemp
  • If you desire to register and  grow hemp in Wales you can find further advice here
  • Consumer products must have untraceable THC – so less than 0.00% THC content 
  • You can now buy cannabidiol products in a variety of shops, and can even legally buy CBD online in Wales


Is CBD legal in Wales?

CBD in Wales is widely available in many different forms. However, the country adheres to the United Kingdom legal legislation that requires all consumer products to have less than 0.00% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) present. THC is the illegal, psychoactive substance found in marijuana. So, if you’re buying cannabidiol in Wales, this is an absolute criteria that must be met by retailers. And if you purchase an illegal product, you’ll be held liable. So, always make sure to check the ingredients of anything you buy.

Hemp plants are perfect for producing CBD products, because the plant itself will contain less than 0.2% THC, as only plant species that are certified at this level can be grown in the UK. Manufacturers can then easily extract the cannabidiol from the hemp and turn it into a usable CBD product. It’s important to note that users can find both full-spectrum varieties of CBD as well as CBD isolates in this state. Either way, it’s best to look out for a hemp-derived CBD oil that is guaranteed by the seller to  contain undetectable levels of THC.


a family tree diagram of cannabis, hemp and marijuana


Types of CBD Products in Wales


ULU Nation Vape 5% CBD Oil menthol flavour shown with bottle

For many people, an enjoyable method to take cannabidiol in Wales is by using a CBD Vape. Today vaping is a controversial subject, but CBD is non addictive, and here at ULU, our e-liquid oils are nicotine free. In fact, many current vapers are making the switch to CBD e-liquids to avoid both controversy and addictive nicotine. If you do not already vape or smoke, this form of CBD may not be the best thing to start with. But for those that already have the habit, it will blend right into your daily routine. CBD vape oils and e-liquids come in a variety of flavours such as strawberry, blueberry and mint – current favourites amongst ULU customers! 



A girl showing how to use an ULU CBD oil bottle with a pipette

CBD oil in Wales is becoming more and more popular. In fact, this is one of the most common form of cannabidiol consumption across the UK . It’s also how many people start off with using CBD. Using a CBD dropper allows a precise dosage of your daily CBD product. You simply place the oil under your tongue and leave it for 60 seconds to become absorbed. Here at ULU, we offer the most potent CBD oil in Wales, providing our customers with the highest concentration levels of cannabidiol on the UK market.



ULU cbd capsules in a plastic bottle, CBD tablets, CBD for relaxation, CBD for stress, CBD for anxiety

Capsules are an easy way to take your daily dosage of CBD oil in Wales. They are compact, easy to carry around with you, and dosing is pre-measured. They also blend right into your daily routine if you’re used to taking a daily supplement. You should always remember however, that CBD needs to be taken in a high enough concentration to have any real benefit – something which less reputable retailers won’t tell you! And here at ULU we have some of the highest-concentration CBD capsules on the UK market.



A range of ULU Skincare CBD products

Skincare products infused with cannabidiol are becoming popular addition to more traditional CBD products in Wales such as oils and capsules. CBD is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory. And with inflammation at the heart of most skin issues, including acne and signs of ageing, this makes it the perfect ingredient to skincare and beauty products. ULU has an extensive collection of CBD skincare products. All of our ingredients are organic and sourced from the EU – produced in our German laboratory.


Hemp in Wales

In this section, we remind you that hemp-derived CBD is what you should be looking out for. Generally, CBD products have to come from hemp in order to be legal. This is because the hemp plant typically contains below 0.2% THC – a substance which is illegal in the UK. Whereas other plants within the species including marijuana contain low levels of CBD and high levels of THC. So, when buying cannabidiol in Wales, this is something you’ll need to look out for to avoid any legal trouble.

Hemp in Wales is a major growth market, with more and more people finding the benefits of regular cannabidiol use. In fact, a recent CBD article from WalesOnline detailed that Welsh CBD users have been treating a variety of concerns, such as fibromyalgia, PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder ) and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.


Hemp oil and CBD oil in Wales

We’d also like to remind you that when buying hemp in Wales, it’s important to specifically check the ingredients for ‘CBD’ or ‘cannabidiol.’ This is because anything called ‘hemp oil’ is actually an entirely different product and will not contain any CBD. Cannabidiol is only found in the leaves, stalks and flowers of hemp, whereas hemp oil comes from hempseeds – which do not contain CBD.

Although hemp oils do have benefits, particularly for skincare, they do not contain any cannabidiol. So, always make sure to read the ingredients carefully on any product you buy.

Read more on the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil in Wales.


A graphic showing the main sources of CBD oil from the hemp plant


‘Can I buy CBD online in Wales?’

Welsh residents interested in trying CBD have plenty of options. Consumers can purchase CBD products in a shop. In fact, you can now find CBD in a variety of Welsh CBD shops, health and supplement shops, and a multitude of general retailers. And of course, you can also buy CBD online in Wales.

Simply search “CBD in Wales” or “buy CBD online in Wales” in any search engine, and have a look through some of the links. You can even narrow your search to include the specific product you’re looking for – such as “buy CBD oil in Wales.” But be aware, not all CBD brands are reputable. So, you need to do some shopping around and some of your own research. A reputable seller will have a professional website with advanced security certificates. There will be a suitable product range in evidence, along with clear product and CBD information. You’ll also need a guarantee that their products contain less than 0.00% THC. And when in doubt, check the reviews of the product, or ask for a recommendation from someone you know.

Another advantage to shopping on line is that you can maintain social distancing , and shop from the comfort of your home. 


Want to know more?

Here at ULU, we’re passionate about helping to keep people educated about CBD. We think it’s important that people don’t get caught out by many of the less reputable retailers in the UK. It’s one of the many ways we want to help U love U! So, we hope you’ve found this article about CBD in Wales helpful.

And now you understand more about buying cannabidiol in Wales safely and legally, why not check out the exceptional ULU range of CBD products? from CBD oils, Vape juice, tablets and skincare ranges.

Happy shopping!

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