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Can and How CBD helps Athletes with Recovery ?

athelte feeling his shoulder pain

While we’re becoming increasingly familiar with the benefits of using CBD to alleviate stress, combat certain skin conditions and as a general enhancement to wellbeing, it seems it has yet another string to its bow. Gaining popularity with athletes, CBD is being used as an aid to exercise . We’re going to take a look at how CBD can help athletes with recovery. And also at some of the ULU products you might wish to turn to.


Why is CBD helpful for athletes?

sportswoman feeling her leg injury



According to research by Woods, Wilund, Martin and Kistler, there is definite evidence that exercise can both cause and reduce inflammation.

‘Acute, unaccustomed exercise can cause muscle and connective tissue damage, especially if done at high intensities and for prolonged durations. This typically manifests as delayed onset muscle soreness which is preceded by microstructural skeletal muscle damage.’

This inflammation certainly isn’t an injury or cause for concern. Instead it is caused by small tears in the muscle tissue that trigger inflammation in an attempt to repair the area. When this inflammation is properly addressed and balanced with effective recovery, the health results are undoubtedly positive. This is where CBD comes in to play. Promoting balance through the body’s Endocannabinoid System to moderate the production of inflammatory chemical messengers. This in turn, reduces inflammation and interactions with neurotransmitters.

How else can CBD help athletes?

female athlete feeling neck pain

As well as reducing inflammation, CBD offers other benefits to athletes. These include:

  • Pain and stress relief. CBD appears to relieve pain effectively for many athletes and could reduce the need for the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Enhanced Blood Flow. CBD maybe able to boost blood flow, increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including the muscles.
  • Improved sleep quality. Getting better sleep can undoubtedly help you to achieve greater athletic training. Research has stated that athletes who consume CBD report an increase in their sleep quality.


How should athletes take CBD?

There are four main ways athletes might choose to take CBD:

  1. Sublingual method: place CBD oil under your tongue and let it absorb, by-passing the digestive system
  2. Orally: ingest edibles or CBD capsules
  3. Topically: apply oil, serum or cream directly on to the skin
  4. Inhaling: Inhale the cannabidiol vapour using a compatible vaping device


CBD Oils

Easy to use and completely versatile, organic CBD oil can be taken daily using the sublingual method. Our broad range of ULU CBD Oils offer all the benefits of organic, pure, full-spectrum oils containing between 5% and 20% CBD. So, you can find the right oil to support your recovery.



CBD Capsules

Perhaps the most convenient way of taking CBD, tablets. These can be taken when you’re on the go and with your daily multivitamins. Our ULU CBD capsules contain the highest quality CBD in a soft gel coating.

A bottle of CBD tablets


CBD Creams

If your muscles are feeling overworked after a gym session, get straight to the problem with our ULU CBD Muscle Rub. Blending 500mg of pure cannabidiol with premium natural ingredients, it leaves skin feeling strong and fresh. Simply apply to damp skin and massage in gently.

We think you’ll also love our ULU CBD Muscle Cooling Pain Relief Gel. With 375g of organic CBD combined with organic aloe leaf juice, cooling menthol, paprika and camphor oil, it’s designed to invigorate your senses and support muscle aches and pains. Apply liberally before, during or after workouts.

ulu CBD @19 harley street hospital recovery cream for athletes


How can I get the best results from my CBD?

Follow these top tips for effective recovery

  • Be consistent with your use of CBD. Take it at the same time each day and finding a routine that suits you and your lifestyle.
  • Take regular assessments to consider what is working for you, altering the dose or product if necessary.
  • Always consult your GP before using CBD if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition.


In conclusion… Can CBD help Athletes with Recovery?

With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help athletes looking to recover from inflammation caused by exercise. The varied products at ULU have been created with this in mind. They even include a muscle rub and muscle cooling relief gel.


Consider the ULU CBD products that best suit you. And remember, if you have any questions, our friendly CBD experts are just an email away.


As always, make sure u love u!


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