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CBD and Tattoos: Why Use CBD Oils Pre and Post Tattoo



Tattooing is ever-popular, with more and more people turning to tattooing as a means of creating an individual statement or style. And tattooing comes from the time of Julius Caesar, so it is certainly not a new trend. However, in recent years it has become more acceptable to be seen having a tattoo in daily life. So, with this in mind, people are increasingly looking at how to deal with the process of gaining a tattoo, as well as the recovery and maintenance of their newly marked skin. 

And when it comes to tattoo maintenance and aftercare, there are many options to choose from. So, in this article, we’ll talk about:

  • Everything you need to know about CBD and tattoos
  • Why we think CBD oils are the best tattoo aftercare products in the UK
  • How to use CBD before and after your tattoo session
  • CBD tattoo aftercare advice
  • We’ll also briefly mention hemp oil and tattoo aftercare.


CBD and Tattoos 

More and more UK consumers (including tattoo artists) are starting to realise the link between CBD and tattoos. However, with so many UK retailers making outlandish claims about CBD, it can be difficult to believe everything you read.

And when we say that CBD oil is one of the best tattoo aftercare products in the UK, we want you to be able to trust our advice. So, when it comes to CBD tattoo aftercare here are the main benefits – backed up with several scientific studies. Just follow the links to see our sources!


Pain Relief

Anyone who’s had a tattoo can agree on the fact that the process comes with some pain. And if you have your tattoo done on a highly sensitive area such as the ribcage, knees or feet, it’s likely to come with quite a lot of pain.

However, some over-the-counter medications can actually adversely affect your tattoo, For example, Ibuprofen thins the blood, making you more likely to bleed during tattooing.This not only makes it harder for the tattooist to clearly follow the stencil, but also slows down the healing process.  So, it’s best to avoid taking these painkillers.

However, it can actually be much more effective to take CBD for pain relief. Did you know that when taken in high doses, CBD can actually change the way your brain and body respond to pain? Cannabidiol essentially reduces your sensitivity to pain, making painful stimuli more manageable, all without causing any unwanted side-effects. Making CBD by far the best natural tattoo aftercare solution.





We’ve already discussed pain above, but did you know that stress also directly affects your perception of pain? Many studies have shown that people experiencing stress are more likely to feel more pain, and that stress also increases your body’s sensitivity to painful stimuli. (And this is much worse for people who suffer from depression and anxiety.) But don’t fear! CBD can change the way your brain responds to stressful stimuli, making stressful situations appear less stressful.

So, when having a tattoo, it’s far better to be relaxed and calm than stressed and nervous. As this will actually help you to better manage the pain – making the tattoo experience more enjoyable, but also helping you to keep still so that the tattoo artist can properly do their job.

CBD vapes are some of the best products to provide relaxation benefits. When you vape CBD, it is quickly and directly absorbed by the body. (Whereas other methods such as capsules and oil drops take longer to enter the bloodstream.) Therefore, many users report feeling a more instant calming sensation when vaping.

So, why not try vaping CBD before your next tattoo session?


Improved healing

After your tattoo session is complete, the tattoo area will become red and swollen. And this is perfectly normal, as this is your body’s natural healing process and immune response kicking in. However, it can sometimes take a while for this swelling to subside, and when it eventually does, this often gives way to itching. (And your friends with tattoos will no doubt have complained about the awful itching post-tattoo!)

So, to help the body and skin to heal, many people are turning to topical CBD skincare creams, oils and serums. This is because CBD is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory agent. And with inflammation at the heart of scarring and skin damage, being able to treat it means helping the body to heal. CBD oil also contains vital vitamin E, which protects cells, adds moisture and reduces itching.

And unlike NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, CBD works much more gently. Cannabidiol does not thin the blood to the same extent as ibuprofen, and therefore tattooists often advise that CBD products are safe to use pre- and post-tattoo.


Skin moisture

Any tattoo artist will tell you that it’s so important to keep the skin moisturised after having a tattoo – both in the short-term and the long-term. In the short-term, keeping your skin moisturised prevents any sticking, rubbing or peeling from damaging the tattoo, whilst also preventing itching. And in the long-term, moisture helps keep colours bold, lines defined and helps prevent tattoo deterioration.

And CBD oils are the best tattoo aftercare products in the UK because of their moisturising properties. CBD is rich in essential fatty acids which protect the skin’s oil barrier and prevent moisture loss. So, using topically-applied CBD oils or creams can help keep your skin moisturised and your tattoo protected. And when combined with the naturally moisturising ingredients in a cream or oil, your skin will benefit from ultimate moisture.

To further assist tattoo recovery and maintenance, we recommend searching for topical CBD products that also contain:

  • Natural organic aloe
  • Vitamin and mineral loaded jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E
  • DMAE (Deanol)
  • MSM ( Dimethyl Sulphone)




Natural tattoo aftercare

When caring for your tattoo, it’s important to use natural products that don’t contain harsh ingredients. Natural forms of tattoo aftercare and maintenance provide greater moisture benefits, and are far less likely to damage your skin – which can ruin a tattoo!

And we believe that CBD is the best natural tattoo aftercare product. It’s plant-based, so as long as you buy from a reputable company, there shouldn’t be any harsh additives. Cannabidiol also contains vital vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for tattoo aftercare because it helps prevent tattoo fading by providing UV protection.

Many people claim that coconut oil provides the best natural tattoo aftercare. However, coconut oil can actually block your pores, leading to increased risk of infection. Whereas CBD is non-comedogenic (which means it keeps pores free from clogging.)


What about hemp oil and tattoo aftercare?

There’s a bit of confusion when it comes to CBD oil, hemp oil and tattoo aftercare in the UK. Many customers often assume that CBD oil and hemp oil are the same product. However, they are in fact very different. And whilst CBD and tattoos go hand-in-hand, there are far fewer benefits when it comes to hemp oil.

CBD oil comes from the leaves and stalks of the hemp plant. As these parts of hemp are naturally rich in cannabidiol. However, hemp oil (sometimes known as hempseed oil) comes from the seeds of the hemp plant – which do not naturally contain much, if any, CBD.

a family tree diagram of cannabis, hemp and marijuana

When it comes to hemp oil and tattoo aftercare, there are still some benefits. Hemp oil is often used to moisturise the skin. However, you won’t receive any of the benefits for pain, healing and intense moisturisation that come from CBD. – All of the reasons why we believe CBD items to be the best tattoo aftercare products in the UK.

Always remember to carefully check the ingredients of the products you buy. If the ingredients don’t specifically state ‘cannabidiol’ or ‘CBD,’ then you can’t be confident you’re buying a CBD product.


CBD Tattoo Aftercare Advice

Now you understand why CBD and tattoos are a match made in heaven, you’ll likely be keen to try CBD oil for your next tattoo session. However, whilst CBD oils are the best tattoo aftercare products in the UK, you can make them even more effective by using certain products at different stages in the healing process.

So, In this section, we’ll give some advice about the entire tattoo aftercare process, including CBD tattoo aftercare guidelines.



You’ll probably be feeling nervous before your tattoo – especially if it’s your first time. And you’ll also probably be thinking about ways to manage the pain during the session. However, it’s extremely important not to take painkillers such as ibuprofen, which can thin your blood and prevent proper healing.

As cannabidiol works best in higher doses over a long-term basis, we recommend starting to take your CBD 2-3 weeks before having your tattoo at a rate of around 2-5mg per day. This will help your body to build up its cannabidiol reserves to provide maximum benefits.

Furthermore, the optimum form of CBD for pain, anxiety and stress is one that can directly enter the bloodstream. So, we recommend using CBD oil, capsules or vapes to assist this.

If you vape CBD, we also recommend vaping directly before your tattoo session for the calming effect that cannabidiol provides.




The day of the tattoo

Your tattoo session (or sessions if your design is elaborate) will leave your skin needing to recover. The healing process for your tattoo can be varied, and depends on a number of factors including the size of tattoo, location and intricacy of the design.

When your tattoo session is complete, your tattooist will cover the tattoo (usually with clingfilm) as well as some kind of anti-bacterial cream or ointment. 

You should remove the tattoo covering when the tattoo stops weeping (most likely after a few hours) to allow airflow. Once the covering is off, wash the tattoo gently with lukewarm water and the flat of your hand. Then pat it dry with a clean towel. (Avoid soaking in a hot bath until 6 weeks post-tattoo.)

You can recover the tattoo at night with clingfilm if you feel the tattoo rubbing in bed.


1-3 days post-tattoo

Over the next few days you are likely to see some discharge and also see that the skin is red and inflamed. You’ll also feel like you have sunburn.

The tattoo should be washed gently with clean water, avoiding soap, to keep the area clean and dry. And again, if you feel the tattoo rubbing on your clothes, you can occasionally recover it with clingfilm. However, bear in mind that exposing your tattoo to the air will help it to recover more quickly.

During this time, you can continue to vape or swallow CBD to promote healing and manage pain.


3 days+

After 3 days you should now start to add a moisturiser to your recovery routine. (Ensure your moisturiser is alcohol free.)

We believe that CBD oil is one of the best tattoo aftercare products in the UK as it provides natural relief from inflammation, pain, as well as helping your skin to heal and stay moisturised. So, you should liberally apply a CBD oil or CBD oil-based cream to your tattoo from 3 days onwards.

As your skin heals, some scabs will form and you wil need to increase the moisturising of the skin. After around 2 weeks, the skin will start to return to a normal. The outer layers of skin heal first, but underneath, the deeper zones will still require a number of months to fully heal.


A girl showing how to use an ULU CBD oil bottle with a pipette, CBD products


Long-term CBD tattoo aftercare

At around the three month mark your tattoo should now be showing in all of its glory, with the pigmentation and colours appearing bright, without further irritation. 

At this point, you should still continue to apply your CBD oil or cream to your tattoo. This will help keep the colours defined, and keep the skin moisturised to prevent blurring of lines.

You should also always apply suncream to your tattoo if you’re going out into the sun, as UV damage is one of the leading causes of tattoo fading.


CBD and tattoos – try for yourself!

So, now you should understand much more about CBD and tattoos, including:

  • Why CBD and tattoos are a match made in heaven
  • Why CBD oils are the best natural tattoo aftercare products in the UK (improved healing, moisturisation, and relaxation, as well as reduced inflammation and pain.)
  • Why hemp oil and tattoo aftercare isn’t the same
  • How to plan a CBD tattoo aftercare regime

And if you’re considering booking your next tattoo, why not shop our online range of ULU CBD products? We also have a wonderful bespoke CBD and Tattoo cream.

With Covid-19 and lockdown having temporarily closed all tattoo studios, it could be a few weeks or even months before you can book your next session. And this gives you the perfect opportunity to start taking CBD in preparation. As we’ve mentioned, CBD needs to be taken over a long-term basis to achieve maximum benefits. So, get your CBD routine started today with ULU – A UK-based CBD company, selling only high-strength, organic CBD – the best natural tattoo aftercare solution for UK customers.


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