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Starting Our Dog CBD Journey – Ted the Dog Week 1

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We wanted to find some examples of people using CBD oil for dogs in the UK, here is Becky talking about Ted the dog. A very interesting experience.


Hi, I’m Becky. And the picture above is of my lovely dog, Ted! Ted’s getting on a bit now, and with age has come a few health problems, bless him! So, I’m going to be writing a regular blog over the next few months about our journey with CBD oil. So, if you want to find out more about using CBD oil for dogs, you can follow along and see how we get on!


Ted the Dog

Ted and I have known one another pretty much all his life. I knew his mother as she was from the same litter my last dog came from. He was also bred by my friend. I first met Ted himself when he was about three weeks old. In actual fact, I’m fairly sure I picked a different one, as I think the one I chose then had a patch over one eye, not both.

But it doesn’t matter, he’s a gorgeous boy, and over the years he’s been there pretty much every single day. I work from home most of the time, and he tends to sleep on my feet – or the bed, or the sofa, or frankly, wherever he wants, whether he’s allowed to or not.

We’ve had our issues over those years. Ted is a wuss. As a gun dog he must be the world’s most useless. He runs a mile if he hears the faintest bang in the middle distance, even if nobody else hears it. And that always used to be the biggest problem, because I’ve done that much running after him, as well as stopping traffic and dragging him away from roads. It has been the cause of that many rows at home!


Poor Ted

However, more recently, like all furry friends (and in fact those of us who try to stay less hairy!!), he’s got old and a bit helpless. It’s a bit heart-breaking, really. He’s been on Metacam for months (like Calpol for dogs) and has been back and forth to the vet, just to see him through each day. And now he’s got a dose of Alzheimer’s for dogs – doggy dementia. So, he’s been bumping into tables and going up and down the garden as though he’s forgotten he’s just been out, and he looks confused. His back end is also collapsing a bit, like he’s forgotten how to use his legs properly.

So, I started going down the route of lots of short walks every day. It was getting boring and annoying for both of us, but he was panting really hard just from a short trot. Getting the car out to take him somewhere different for the ten-minute walk seemed a bit excessive, and it was getting both of us down.


CBD oil for dogs in the UK?

I have a friend called Emma who deals in alternative options for pets. She recommends things like Aloe Vera and raw foods amongst others. She also told me about using CBD oil for dogs. I’ve read a lot about the many benefits of CBD in humans, and I thought it was worth a try for Ted.

So, I’ve got myself some dog-friendly CBD oil drops and I’m going to be starting today with a whole new regime. It’s tricky working it out how much CBD is right for a dog online. But I think about three drops twice a day is a good starting point for a 30kg dog.


Follow along with our CBD journey

I’m really hopeful about this journey, and I’m open to seeing what happens. So, if you’re interested in finding out if using CBD oil for pets actually works, then make sure to check back regularly or subscribe for updates. I’ll be documenting here how we get on. So, thanks to the ULU team and to Emma for their advice, and let’s see how we go!

Becky (and Ted) – fingers and paws crossed!

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We beleive there is more to understand and explore for the use of CBD oil for dogs in the UK. We will work to bring you more information and knowledge.


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