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I Tried CBD Oil For Dry Skin: My 4 Week Skincare Report

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Hi, I’m Vicky. I’m a content manager by day and a Cheltenham musician by nights and weekends. Over the last month, I’ve been trialling using CBD oil for dry skin. And I’d love to share everything that happened on my introduction into CBD skincare. 

I’ll give you an introduction to my skincare background as well as some of my research into CBD in skincare. But if you’re not interested in this and just want to skip to the results, click the link below:

Skip to the CBD skincare results!


My skincare history 

Ok, so I have to admit when it comes to skincare I am really lazy. I’m a “wash my face in the shower” kind of person. (Please don’t judge me!) But as someone who suffers with sensitive, dry and often irritated or red skin, my face needs a lot of TLC. This means that I’m often battling with my skincare routine, trying to find a solution that I’m not too lazy to stick to. 

And when it comes to skincare, I’ve tried pretty much every product under the sun. I’ve frequently dropped £300 at a time on expensive brands in a desperate bid to improve my skin; m. And in fact, for the last year my skincare and cosmetic spend sits at an average of around £100 a month. But honestly, I’ve never been able to find a skincare product that suits my skin. I always find that the first week with a new product is great and I start to see some results. But then after 2 weeks or so, my face is back to being cracked and dry. It’s honestly so frustrating! 


CBD skincare products? 

Up until a few months ago, I didn’t even know CBD skincare products existed. I’d heard of and tried a few types of CBD oil designed to be swallowed. In fact, I’ve been swallowing CBD oil for about a year to help with anxiety and stress. But I’d never even thought about using CBD oil for dry skin. 

The first thing I did when I came across ULU’s CBD skincare range was to do some research! As someone who has spent hundreds of pounds on skincare and beauty products over the past few years, I’m happy to spend more for a premium product – but only if I’m confident it’s going to actually have some benefit. So, I wanted to know whether CBD actually had any benefits for skincare and also whether it was suitable for sensitive skin. And I was really pleased and surprised with what I found. 


CBD oil in skincare

Through my research, I found out that CBD oil is actually a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory. This means that CBD body oil is great for reducing redness, swelling and generally helping with any kind of skin irritation. This sounded promising for reducing the redness on my face.

So, next I needed to find out about moisture. I knew that a CBD in oil form would have some moisturising properties because of the oil itself. However, I wanted to know whether CBD actually had any effect on dry skin – otherwise why would I choose it over any skin oil? Well, I actually found out that skin inflammation is a leading cause of dry skin – so if I could stop my skin from becoming inflamed, I might be able to stop the dryness!

In fact, inflammation is the cause of a huge variety of skin issues, including ageing – (yep, really!) And I’m a firm believer that the sooner you start looking after your skin, the better! So, it looks like CBD is a great way to do this.

I also found that many people use CBD products for acne in skincare. This is because CBD reduces the amount of acne-causing sebum produced by the skin.


CBD oil for dry skin: the results

The CBD product I’ve chosen to use is the ULU 750mg CBD body oil, as I felt that an oil-based product would be more heavy-duty in terms of moisturising my face. This product is a 1% CBD concentration – which is much higher than other CBD skincare products I’ve seen on the UK market.

I’ll be jotting down my thoughts and taking a photo of my progress on a weekly basis. So, I’m really excited to see what happens!

Week 1


Ok, I’ve been using ULU CBD body oil for 1 week and I really haven’t noticed any difference. As you can see from my week 1 photo, my skin is still really angry and red. Honestly, this is pretty typical for my skin on a day-to-day basis. And I spend a fortune on fancy green concealer to balance out the redness before I put on my foundation.  I’m still holding out hope that this new CBD skincare routine will make a difference, but I’m expecting my skin to react how it normally does to a new product: slightly improved for the 2 weeks or so, and then back to being dry and red after that! But I’m keeping an open mind. So, fingers crossed!


Week 2


Ok, I actually started to notice a difference this week. My face is still very much just as dry as week 1, but the redness has gone down significantly. I’m still getting a lot of redness around my nose and on the cheeks, but it doesn’t look nearly as angry as it did at the end of week 1. The main thing I’m impressed by right now is the smell of the product. I’m not a huge fan of the taste of CBD oil, so I was slightly worried that the CBD body oil would smell grassy or earthy. But it smells like lavender and citrus, and I can smell it on my face throughout the day.

I’m definitely hopeful to see what happens with another week of using CBD oil for dry skin. However, I am wary of the fact that my skin normally responds well to a new product for the first few weeks and then takes a nosedive once it has adjusted to the new product. Only time will tell!


Week 3


I am so, so pleased with my progress this week! Some better lighting definitely went into taking this photo, so I can’t give all the credit to the CBD body oil, but my dryness has definitely started to subside quite a bit! Around my nose is always a problem area when it comes to dry skin, and this hasn’t really changed yet. But all of the small, itchy dry patches I normally have around my jaw and on my chin are nearly completely gone. And I’ve definitely noticed more improvement on skin redness as well.

This is normally about the time when my skin returns to its normal angry, dry self after using a new product. So, we’ll see what happens over the next week or so. But if by next week I’m still noticing an improvement, this ULU body oil will become a regular part of my skincare routine!


Week 4


Once again, this photo is very well lit (and obviously it’s the other side of my face) but at this point you can consider me a CBD skincare convert. My face still has a long way to go in terms of dryness, as there are still some dry, itchy patches around my nose. But the dry patches on my cheeks, chin and jawline have cleared up completely. And there’s really barely any redness on my face now at all.

Honestly, this week I had a few different people ask me where I got my new makeup – and I wasn’t even wearing any. (It really does look like I’m wearing makeup in this photo, but I promise it’s completely makeup free and unedited.) So, I can conclusively say that using ULU CBD oil for dry skin has worked for me! I’m off to buy 10 bottles in case it goes out of stock!


My CBD skincare journey

I’m now writing this article 6 weeks after starting my CBD skincare journey with ULU CBD body oil. And honestly, I’m still so pleased with the results. My skin hasn’t improved much more since my week 4 photo, but for the first time ever, it hasn’t relapsed into being dry and red again. I’ve also cut my monthly skincare budget by more than half since using this body oil. Now, instead of the various creams, oils and goops I used to buy on a monthly basis, I now use a simple cleanser, an exfoliator and this body oil.

I whole-heartedly recommend considering introducing CBD into your skincare routine, and using CBD oil for dry skin!

What effects can CBD oil have on your skin is another article full of knowledge on CBD and skincare. Whilst others have found CBD and Rosacea an important read.

For more content from Vicky, read her recent mental health blog, ‘Laughing My Way Through Anxiety.’

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