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A Guide to CBD Products in the UK: Types, Uses and Potential Benefits

A girl holding in her left hand 3 tubes of ULU 5% CBD e-liquid vape oil

There are many different types of CBD products on the UK market, and each one comes with its own benefits and uses. Each usually caters to a different set of needs so it can be confusing as to which is best for you. Here’s our 2020 guide to the different types of CBD products in the UK, as well as their uses and benefits.


CBD oils

The most common way to consume CBD in the UK is through CBD oil. Users can apply these CBD oils directly to the skin or under the tongue. The oils provide fast and effective delivery as they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. You’re also able to control the dosage through the flexibility of the dropper.

What can CBD oils be used for?

CBD oils can be used for a variety of reasons and have a wide array of benefits. Many people use CBD oils for mental health and wellness benefits. Research has shown that these types of CBD products are beneficial to those with anxiety, depression and who suffer from stress. However, the benefits of CBD oils go beyond the realms of mental health. They can also be used to support those with chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, as well as those going through cigarette or drug withdrawal.

Our very own Paul Hembery uses CBD oil for arthritis in his knee!

A girl showing how to use an ULU CBD oil bottle with a pipette, CBD products
ULU CBD full sprectrum oil bottle


CBD capsules

Like any capsule, a CBD capsule is discreet and can be taken easily on the go. It is also a more controlled dosage than oils, because it’s predetermined: allowing users to monitor the amount that they use accurately. There is also no taste to CBD capsules – unlike CBD oil products. Every ULU capsule contains 10mg CBD.

Studies between CBD capsules and oils have shown, however, that the bioavailability rate of CBD capsules is lower than that of the oils. This means that your body is not absorbing as much of the CBD when you take capsules because of the way your body breaks down the substance.

What can CBD capsules be used for?

CBD capsules have largely the same benefits to CBD oils. They can be used to help improve physical and mental wellbeing. They are also great for increasing your appetite and reducing nausea, as are CBD oils.


CBD topical creams

CBD Topical creams are aimed at those with problem skin, dry skin, or those who follow a regular skincare routine. You’ll see lots of beauty bloggers advocating CBD in skincare. They’re also a good way of gently introducing CBD to your body.

What can CBD topical creams be used for?

CBD skincare is a great way to reduce signs of ageing due to the antioxidants in CBD skincare products. They can also reduce the oil and skin inflammation associated with acne.

But while topical creams might help with skincare ailments, they don’t provide many of the benefits that are specifically sought out by those using CBD: for example, relaxation, de-stressing and joint inflammation.

5 ULU nation CBD topical products in their bottles. Muscle rub, Serum, creme, balm and body oil.
ULU CBD Beauty creams collection


CBD haircare

CBD Haircare is one of the newer forms of CBD available on the UK market. These types of products come in various forms, such as shampoos, conditioners, and intensive leave-in hair treatments or serums.

What can CBD haircare be used for?

Whilst CBD products do not cause a high, you will feel high when you see the effect they have on your hair! For many, CBD haircare products are the secret to longer, stronger hair. CBD haircare products contain essential amino acids and antioxidants to cultivate beautiful, healthy hair.


CBD e-liquid for vaping:

Vaping CBD e-liquid provides is the quickest way to benefit from CBD. When vaped, the effects of CBD are almost instant and this way is great for those who are already regular vapers. However, if you’ve never vaped before, this might seem a little intimidating – so it could be best to start with oils.

What can CBD vapes be used for?

Much like CBD oils and capsules, CBD vapes have a variety of physical and mental health benefits, such as reduced anxiety and stress, improved mood, improved appetite, and improved sleep.

ULU Nation Vape 5% CBD Oil vanilla flavour shown with bottle, and vanilla pods
A 10ml bottle of Vanilla Flavoured CBD -E-liquid 5% CBD


CBD in food

There are several ways of introducing CBD into your diet, through cooking your normal daily meal using CBD oil right through to baking with it. In fact, there are plenty of great CBD recipes you can use! – Why not check out our recipe for gooey CBD brownies?

What can CBD in food be used for?

CBD in food has all the benefits of consuming CBD in oil, capsule or vape form. However, the effects of consuming CBD in this way are not as quick as taking oil. This is because your body will take longer to process the CBD present in the food. As a result many see this as a top-up way of taking CBD, rather than a primary source.


There’s truly a CBD product for everyone!

In short, there are as many different ways of taking CBD as different types of CBD products on the UK market. It’s just a question of finding the right type of CBD product for you!

If you’re looking to learn more about CBD, read our blog about common CBD questions, or learn more about how CBD affects the Endocannabinoid System.


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