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How is the CBD Skin Care Market Impacting the Beauty Industry?

A girl using ULU CBD creme face product and rubbing some onto her skin

You’ve probably noticed CBD beauty products and skin care on the shelves of many leading online beauty retailers, from Selfridges to Boots. In Boots, you’ll find a number of products including CBD face oil and lip balm, while the popular online retailer, Cult Beauty, stocks a range of products that include CBD eye balm and face cream.  Just what makes these products so popular and how is CBD set to impact the industry?  

What is CBD?

First things first… CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is a compound taken from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another compound associated with the psychoactive element of cannabis, CBD boasts a number of positive properties without altering a person’s state of mind. So, while the recreational use of cannabis in the UK remains illegal, CBD is legal and proving exceptionally popular. Non-intoxicative and non-euphoric, it is credited with relieving chronic pain, insomnia, auto-immune diseases, anxiety and depression, and linked to a multitude of skincare benefits. 

We hope the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions will be of further interest. 

CBD Guide

How can CBD be used in skin care?

Undoubtedly causing a stir in the beauty industry, CBD is the new kid on the block. The new star ingredient and it’s here to stay.  In a recent report, ‘Disrupting Beauty’, Prohibition Partners valued the 2018 global CBD skincare market at approximately $710 million, predicting that it will claim a 10% share of global skincare sales within 5 to 10 years. 

So just how can CBD be used in skin care and what are the potential benefits? 

CBD Skin care
CBD Skin care

While CBD can be taken sublingually and orally, when it comes to skin care, the most popular products are topical, absorbing CBD through the skin to interact with cannabinoid receptors. With both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, there are many purported skin care benefits:

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it a winning ingredient when it comes to treating eczema and psoriasis. CBD oil effects the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is responsible for regulating and balancing many processes in the body such as immune response and communication between cells. Researchers found that when they applied cannabinoids to human skin cells, they inhibited the over production of skin cells that are commonly seen in psoriasis. 
  • A successful antioxidant, CBD helps to counteract the damage caused by free radicals. Visually diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and skin dullness and decelerating the visible signs of ageing.
  • One of the most promising studies from The Journal of Clinical Investigation finds that CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris. It inhibits excess sebum oil production and has anti-inflammatory properties on oil-producing glands. 
  • CBD has a perfect balance of nutrients and substances to nourish and moisturise your skin, helping to stop peeling skin, rough patches, cuts and cracks. 

You’ll find only the highest quality products in our ULU CBD skincare line and they are entirely free of THC. 

What is the difference between CBD skin care products and more traditional products?

The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabidiol can directly benefit a number of skin concerns, tackling the issues from within. While normal moisturisers, for example, might inhibit your natural production of oil, CBD oil interacts with your skin glands to regulate the production of oil.  For an interesting case study, read more about Vicky’s experience with dry skin and CBD skincare here. 

How are CBD skin care products regulated?

Regulations regarding CBD beauty products depend entirely on geography and the legalisation of CBD products within a country. In the EU, CBD is considered acceptable for use in cosmetics. And, in the UK, CBD is legal provided it has a THC content of less than 0%. However, while CBD is legal in the UK, there is no government-enforced regulation for the standard of CBD beauty products. It is unsurprising, therefore, that we find a number of products on the market making unsubstantiated claims. All ULU products are registered with the Eu Cosmetics Products Notification Portal (CPNP) .

It’s worth recognising that not all products with ‘cannabis extract’ contain CBD. Cannabis sativa or hemp seed oil, for example, contain little to no CBD. 

What should we be looking out for on packaging?

This isn’t the time to be lured by appealing packaging. Instead, you need to do your homework, make sure you know what you’re looking for and what you’re buying. Consider these points before you start shopping. 

  • Products in the UK should be hemp derived and contain only trace amounts of THC. 
  • Consider purchasing full-spectrum CBD beauty products and skin care products. This means that they contain all the naturally available compounds of the cannabis plant, giving you all of the benefits. 
  • Check the ingredients, remembering that hemp seeds, hemp seed oil and cannabis sativa seed oil are not the same as CBD. 
  • A reputable product will come with a COA (certificate of analysis), proving its quality. You can see our ULU Lab Results here. If a product hasn’t been tested, it’s probably not worth buying. 
  • Choose organic. Our ULU products are certified organic meaning that our extracts come from pesticide and herbicide-free cultivation. This is great for the planet and great for you as the oil in our product is as natural and organic as it can be. 

What is the future of CBD in the beauty industry?

With the popularity of CBD on the increase and as cannabis laws and regulations continue to loosen, it seems more than likely that we’ll see its usage become normalised and mainstream. Get ready to see the CBD skin care market excel with CBD beauty products and skin care in a number of established brands. At ULU we hope this popularity increases the understanding and research into the benefits of CBD so that more people can experience its benefits. 

Which CBD skin care products should I use? 

With so many skincare benefits, we’re here to help you choose your CBD products from our CBD skin care line. ULU brings you a unique collection with our CBD infused beauty range, containing organic and EU-sourced ingredients combined with a high concentration of premium cannabidiol. See our entire range here. 

ULU 5% Glow CBD Face Cream 1500mg / 30ml

Boosting your natural, youthful glow, our luxurious face cream restores dry and tired skin.  It works deep into the skin to provide lasting moisture and protection, combining premium ingredients with CBD oil at a 5% concentration. 

ULU CBD Face Cream Skin Care
ULU CBD Face Cream

ULU Revitalise 5% CBD Serum 750mg with Retinol

Rejuvenate your skin and combat the signs of ageing with this CBD skin serum. With cooling effects of aloe vera and organic coconut oil, it focuses on regulating moisture balance to keep you looking and feeling fresh and pampered. 

ULU CBD Skincare Serum
ULU CBD Skincare Serum


ULU CBD Body Oil 750mg

Give your body deep, lasting moisturisation and the attention it deserves with this indulgent body oil. Designed to help with dry skin, acne, inflammation and redness, it has a zesty aroma. 

ULU CBD Anti-Acne Day Crème 300mg

Created to give your skin the extra support when it needs it most, our CDB cream for acne works deeply for dramatic results and targets multiple skin types. 

CBD Skincare Acne ULU
CBD Skincare Acne ULU

In conclusion…

CBD is making its mark on the beauty industry and this significant impact is here to stay. Boasting highly effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, products are broad ranging and can be highly beneficial. As a consumer, it’s key to choose your products wisely. Seeking out those that are well-tested, organic and with effective concentrations of CBD.   

Consider the products that best suit you and remember, if you have any questions, our friendly CBD experts are just an email away.  

As always, make sure u love u!


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