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CBD regulations in the Uk 2020 -Your Key Questions Answered

As CBD increases in popularity and we witness its far-reaching benefits, it comes as no surprise that we want to understand more about it and research further possibilities. We hope the answers to these questions prove a useful starting point to your CBD journey with ULU.

Can I get high on CBD?

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In short – no.

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical compound derived from cannabis, the plant that gives us marijuana and hemp. These compounds are called cannabinoids. Another cannabinoid found in cannabis is THC, the psychoactive chemical that creates the euphoric effect.

CBD is the non-psychoactive portion of the cannabis plant. Our CBD UK products come from the hemp plant which contains high levels of CBD and less than 0% THC.


What’s the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?


When people talk about hemp oil, they are referring to oil extracted from just the seeds of the hemp plant. This contains no cannabinoid at all, no CBD or THC. CBD oil uses the stalks, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant which contain a higher concentration of CBD.

A graphic showing the main sources of CBD oil from the hemp plant
CBD Oil Source from the Hemp plant



Is CBD legal?

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Yes, CBD in the UK is legal. These are the CBD regulations in the UK.

According to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, cannabis is a controlled drug and the cannabinoids THC and CBN are also controlled and therefore illegal.

However, cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and not a controlled substance. It is crucial that any CBD product in the UK conforms to a UK limit of 0% THC, which is why you’ll find our ULU products contain levels of THC that have been measured at less than 0.0005%. In other words, the THC level is entirely undetectable.

You can read more about the Medical Use of Cannabis in this briefing paper from the House of Commons.


Can you take CBD oil on a plane in the UK?

can you take cbd onto a plane uk ?


As we get more accustomed to taking CBD as part of our daily routine, it’s only natural that we might consider whether we’re able to take it away with us for business or holiday.

Firstly, if you’re intending to carry CBD oil or vape oil in your hand luggage on a flight, you need to remember to stick to the 100ml liquid rule. Fortunately our ULU CBD vaping e-liquids and our ULU organic CBD oils are all 10ml in size. Our ULU CBD skin care range also stays below the 100ml sizing.

Given its legal status in the UK, if you are taking a domestic flight, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take your CBD on board. To avoid any confusion or possible delay, you might decide to confirm this with your airline before you travel.

If travelling overseas, it’s vital to check the legalities surrounding CBD products beforehand as some countries still consider it illegal.  Follow these top tips for travel:

  1. If you travel with CBD, take full, unopened bottles and place them in a clear plastic bag, as you would other liquids.
  2. Always research the rules of the country to which you are travelling and check with your airline.
  3. Take the CBD product packaging with you. You might even take a print out of our Certificates of Analysis. These lab test results prove the 0.0% trace of THC in our ULU products.

Equally, if you travel abroad, it is unwise to purchase CBD oil from unknown sources and bring it back to the UK.


Can you drive when taking CBD in the UK?

Can you drive when taking cbd ?

CBD is a non-psychoactive, non-intoxicating cannabinoid so won’t have any effect on your ability to drive. Once again, the key here is the presence of THC, the cannabinoid that gives cannabis its intoxicating qualities. If you are using an ULU product that has been certified as containing 0% THC, it is completely legal and safe for you to drive.


Should I take CBD during pregnancy?

Currently, there is not enough research in to the safety of taking CBD while pregnant and whether CBD can prove in any way detrimental to unborn babies. We therefore advise against using any CBD products if you are, or think you might be, pregnant. It is equally wise to avoid CBD products while breast feeding.


How old do I have to be to buy CBD in the UK?

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As there are no set age restrictions placed on CBD by the government, there is no age limit for using or purchasing CBD products.

CBD is as safe for children as it is for adults. Children are likely to need lower doses than adults due to their lower body weight and, as far as we know, there are no risks attached. Many successful studies have been carried out on the use of CBD for children, including its effectiveness in epilepsy disorders such as Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Always consider where to buy CBD in the UK, using a trusted supplier with an exceptional quality guarantee . The quality of CBD should always be a consideration when purchasing.

How much CBD oil can I take?

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A recommended daily dose of 15-25mg of CBD is generally chosen when using CBD as a casual daily supplement. However, there is no one universal dosage of CBD. We all respond differently and it’s important to find the dose that suits you. You might like to consider these factors:

  1. Your body weight
  2. The condition you’re treating
  3. The concentration of CBD in the form that you’ve chosen to take

As a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to start with a small dose and gradually increase it if you feel you need to, perhaps on a weekly basis. Keeping a note of how much you are taking and whether your symptoms are improving will help you to notice any patterns. Daily doses up to 70mg are considered safe and have not shown detrimental health issues with animal studies.

In conclusion…

CBD doesn’t give the user a ‘high’ and is legal in the UK provided the levels of THC are at 0%. Its legal status means that there is no reason CBD can’t be taken on any domestic flights within the UK, adhering to the general rule of keeping liquids in hand luggage below 100ml. Equally, its legality and lack of any psychoactive properties mean that it is safe to drive when taking CBD in the UK.

When purchasing CBD, always look for quality guarantees. Consider the products that best suit you and remember, if you have any questions, our friendly CBD experts are just an email away.

You can read more about common CBD questions. and How CBD sales were affected during lockdown.

As always, make sure u love u!

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