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ULU Full Spectrum 5% CBD Oil 1500mg / 30ml (50mg CBD/ml)

New ULU CBD oil spray in 30ml bottle this is our premium organic CBD oil now available.

By sourcing high quality organic CBD we can ensure that our broad range of ULU CBD oils is designed for UK customers who never compromise on quality. CBD supports anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, and skin concerns making this a great alternative to traditional medicines available in the UK.

All of our products are guaranteed to be free of pesticides, herbicides and THC. And we always share CBD-per-dose rather than per bottle to help you stay informed when buying organic CBD oil online. We only offer full spectrum UK certified CBD oils for a higher quality experience and improved benefits.

  • 100% natural 0% THC
  • CBD + full range of active phytocannabinoids
  • Highest Quality EU Cultivation

  • description

    This is our premium organic CBD oil with 5% CBD oil in a the perfect size bottle. Our purest full spectrum oil is organically produced from licensed hemp plants grown within the EU. 5% PREMIUM ORGANIC CBD OIL is the ideal blend for those wanting an introduction to the world of CBD.

    When introducing this CBD oil into your daily routine we suggest starting off slow, a couple of drops three times a day. Everyone is thankfully different, so check on your progress, and modify the dosing or potency to find the ideal balance for you and your body. Consistency is key, so it is best to take your ULU CBD drops at the same time each day until it becomes a natural part of your waking day. If you desire more information, just click on the links below.


    • Cannabis Sativa Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract (THC free <0.00%)
    • MCT Carrier Oil

    how to use

    • 1 spray = ~0.11ml = 5.5mg CBD
    • starting with 3 x 1 pump-stroke/day
    • this product is for oral use undiluted
    • Increase if needed


    • How should you use CBD?

      There are various methods of CBD consumption to use safely and effectively. Each of these has its advantages and some are better for certain purposes. You can choose to use it whichever way you like and may even want to test out multiple methods to see which is best for you.

      CBD oil tincture is the most common method of use, especially as it’s quick, easy, and discreet. Each bottle of CBD oil tincture comes with a dropper, which you use to measure out your dosage and apply it under your tongue. Hold it under your tongue for around a minute or two and your body will absorb the cannabidiol into your system. You can also add CBD oil to foods and drinks, although taking it sublingually (under the tongue) acts on your body much faster.

    • I have high blood pressure. Is CBD dangerous for me?

      CBD does contain enzymes that can change the way drugs are metabolised by the body. It could increase of decrease the amount of medication entering the blood-stream – including drugs for high blood pressure such as beta-blockers. So, if you are currently taking blood pressure medication, check with your doctor before consuming CBD.

    • Is CBD addictive?

      People may also worry about whether CBD has any addictive qualities. However, CBD is safe to use without any risk of addiction. CBD has no physically addictive qualities, meaning you can use as much as you want, as regularly as you want, without worrying about becoming addicted.

      When you stop taking CBD, you won’t experience any withdrawal effects, even if you’ve been taking it for a long time. Along with the lack of harmful effects, this makes CBD a very risk-free natural supplement.

    • What are the side effects of CBD?

      Just as with any kind of supplement, users may worry about the potential drawbacks and side effects of CBD. However, unlike substances such as THC, CBD is very safe to use with no risk at all of harm to your health. Studies have found that the vast majority of humans can use CBD without any side effects, although some very minor side effects are occasionally reported, such as diarrhoea and changes in appetite. One side effect can be a change in mood – often for the better!

    • What do UK customers base their CBD buying decisions on?

      Consumers have clear preferences that drive their buying decisions and prioritise quality and purity over origin or legality. Clear labelling information and advice on use and consumption tips, followed by a preference for British produced CBD products, were the purchasing priorities that scored highest, more than price, brand or organic status. These factors were all prioritised when we created ULU: a brand you can trust.

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    Once an order has been dispatched you may return the goods within 30 days of receipt. All returned items must be in be in new and unused condition, with original seals intact and original tags and labels attached. If the product has been used or opened we cannot accept a return due to the risk of contamination.
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