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A Guide to Buying CBD Oil – 7 Red Flags to Watch Out For

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The CBD is one of the fastest growing industries of the modern age. It seems that almost overnight, CBD has exploded in popularity, with a whopping 6 million users in the UK alone. However, this rise in popularity has come with its own risks. Hundreds upon hundreds of companies selling CBD products have been created to deal with the rise in demand. And recent studies have disputed the reliability and trustworthiness of many of these new companies. So, to help you stay safe and informed, we’ve put together this guide to buying CBD oil, complete with 7 red flags to watch out for!

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Understand the difference between CBD and THC

Many people confuse CBD oil with THC, the product in cannabis that gets you high. CBD oil is not designed to get you high, but instead to help with relaxation, sleep and in some cases pain management. We should also note that any products sold in the UK containing above 0.2% THC are illegal.

So once you’ve decided you would like to purchase CBD oil, where do you go for the best quality? Of course, we’d love you to shop at ULU, as we prioritise quality and transparency in everything we do! However, here are some important general rules that are useful for everyone to bear in mind when buying CBD products.


Do your research

Firstly, it’s important to do your research. Many companies are claiming they have the best CBD oil on the market but this isn’t always the case. With the way that the law stands at the moment, they can claim more or less what they like, so it’s definitely a case of ‘buyer beware’.

And high price doesn’t always help determine the best product. Many products on the market are labelled incorrectly so it’s important to focus firmly on the company itself: its manufacturing process and lab reports to ensure you’re getting the best product out there.

At ULU, all of our lab reports are carried out by independent third-party testers. You can read our lab reports right here!


Be wary of low price tags

While everyone loves a bargain, buying cheap CBD oil is a false economy. Producing a pure, full spectrum CBD oil that is extracted in the optimal way is expensive, which is why many of the reputable CBD manufacturers like ULU charge a higher price for their products.

If you purchase premium quality oil from a reputable vendor, you might pay a higher price, but you will also be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the best quality product for your money.


Check the concentration

The other thing to check is the precise concentration of CBD oil in your product. This should be stated on the bottle, with the actual amount stated in milligrams, but you’ll need to divide this by the number of servings in the bottle to know how much CBD oil you’ll get each time you use it.

In terms of buying CBD oil there are many options, online, social media and dedicated retails outlets. One of the cons of buying from shops is that they are often a third-party seller so it can be hard to get hold of lab reports and check the authenticity of the product.


7 red flags to look out for when buying CBD:

1. Just pay delivery. Be very careful – this is often a bit of a con, and you could end up with monthly charges, or multiple shipping charges. That doesn’t just apply to CBD: it’s a well-known scam for all sorts of consumer products.

2. Only available to buy on social media. Often these sellers can’t provide details on authenticity and lab results, so be wary. If it’s cheap, there’s usually a reason.

3. No Lab results available: these are the key to ensuring you have the best quality product. If these aren’t readily available it’s time to shop elsewhere. Don’t take the risk.

4. Bad Reviews: As with any consumer product, check reviews before you buy! And always remember to check independent review sites as well as the seller’s website. There’s plenty of information out there.

5.It’s a miracle! Be wary of such outlandish claims: very few products provide miracles. Actually, make that none.

6. Ask a friend. CBD is definitely a business area where the marketing has got ahead of the facts, so when choosing a product, ask people you can trust.

7. Difficult to contact. If you have any questions or concerns and the seller you’ve chosen isn’t available to talk, isn’t willing to inform you, or doesn’t seem entirely transparent in their product information, this is a major red flag. That’s why the ULU team are happy to get back to you straight away with any questions you have. We’re real people at the end of a phone in the UK, rather than a faceless pharmaceutical conglomerate.


Stay informed when buying CBD oil

In summary, to stay safe and informed online, and to make sure you get the best possible CBD oil, you should always:

  • Avoid THC
  • Research the product and the retailer
  • Be wary of low price tags – remember, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is!
  • Check the concentration of CBD and divide this by the number of servings in the bottle
  • Look out for red flags such as sellers who are hard to contact, sell exclusively through social media, and don’t get their products lab-tested by third-parties

And if you need any more information, check out our ULU guide to buying CBD online.

Happy CBD shopping!

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