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The Harley Street Hospital Entrance sign
In Partnership

ULU and The Harley Street Hospital

A ground-breaking partnership that means that ULU will engage in a far-reaching medical research programme in conjunction with The Harley Street Hospital. This unique partnership explores new ways that CBD can be used to manage pain and treat problematic issues; changing peoples’ lives for the better. You can benefit from our partnership by shopping our range of CBD product

Our Partnership

Our ground-breaking partnership with 19 The Harley Street Hospital in London means that ULU will engage in a far-reaching medical research programme in conjunction with the hospital, exploring new ways that CBD can be used to manage pain and treat problematic issues; changing peoples’ lives for the better.

This type of partnership is unique, with ULU becoming the only CBD brand in the world to be affiliated to a world-famous hospital and its state-of-the-art research programme, under the guidance of 19 Harley Street Hospital’s medical director Mr Mo Akmal.

Millions of people worldwide have reported the advantages of using CBD to treat common problems such as pain, anxiety or sleeplessness, yet comparatively little is still known about the precise ways in which CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to alleviate these symptoms.

ULU aims to change that with the help of 19 Harley Street Hospital, to precisely target peoples’ problems with medical science and so obtain the desired results.


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ulu pure cbd oil harley street
ulu pure cbd oil harley street

An Intro to Mo Akmal

Mr. Mo Akmal (convention dictates that surgeons are never referred to as ‘doctor’) is a world-famous spine specialist and clinical director who founded the London Spine Unit at 19 Harley Street: The Harley Street Hospital.

He oversees a close-knit team of the best spine specialists in the world, carrying out pioneering surgery using state-of-the-art new techniques that allow patients to walk out of hospital on the same day as their procedures. This is even possible for complex problems, which might have caused years of pain and suffering. Consequently, his patients arrive from all four corners of the globe to benefit from this remarkable facility in London, with astonishing results.

As well as an eminent surgeon, Mr. Akmal is a very well-known research scientist, devoting a large part of his time to developing new techniques in surgery, treatment, and pain management from the Harley Street Hospital, which have been published all over the world.

His mission to push the limits safely has led him to ULU, where he will carry out more research and practice in CBD treatments together with his colleagues – who include six spinal surgeons and a professor. Their years of expertise will be targeted to help more people access the benefits of CBD and promote general wellness.


The Harley Street Hospital

The Harley Street Hospital is a private hospital located in the heart of London’s medical district on Harley Street.

The consultants at The Harley Street Hospital have a wealth of experience, providing a diverse range of medical treatments. Supported by an experienced and conscientious nursing team, they offer patients first class standards of medical care and hygiene.

Located within the most prestigious healthcare district in the heart of London’s West End, the hospital’s facilities are truly impressive. It provides spacious consulting rooms and state-of-the-art operating theatres, as well as an in-house pharmacy and laboratory that will supply and develop ULU products. As a result, The Harley Street Hospital is a centre of excellence when it comes to pain management, research, and education.



The Harley Street Hospital Entrance sign

Why Harley Street ?

Harley Street in London, close to the city center, is synonymous with medical excellence. It’s the equivalent of Beverly Hills for doctors. But it’s not just about glamour and celebrity, as some of the most ground-breaking medical research also takes place there, covering every area of the human organism.

Named after Thomas Harley, a former mayor of London, Harley Street became established as a center of medical expertise in throughout the nineteenth century and grew in prominence ever since. The first doctors arrived in 1860: attracted by the elegant architecture, central location, and proximity to rail stations.

Today, it’s estimated that there are more than 5000 high-end medical professionals working in Harley Street, with specialisms that range from fertility to pain management to speech therapy.

Charles Wilson, Winston Churchill’s personal physician, practiced from Harley Street, along with Lionel Logue: the speech therapist to King George VI of England, made famous by the movie The King’s Speech. Florence Nightingale, probably the best-known nurse in history, resided at number one. Harley Street has always been about brilliance and innovation.

These days, Harley Street is an international hub for medical treatment, with people coming from all over the world to benefit from the incredible amount of knowledge and expertise that has been accumulated within just one small street in London.


Ulu at Harley Street
product features
Medical Excellence

ULU @ 19 The Harley Street Hospital CBG and CBD Oil

ULU @19 Harley Street have created this unique blend of the pure CBD and CBG powerful cannabinoids to provide a powerful support for anxiety, pain and sleeping concerns. Cannabigerol or CBG, is often described as the as ‘The Mother of all Cannabinoids’. ULU have created a beginner’s guide for you to understand more about the benefits of CBG. When combining CBG and CBD, ULU are providing you with the finest wellness support.


ulu 19 harley street cbd and cbg 1500mg oil

ULU @ 19 The Harley Street Hospital 1% CBD Massage Oil

Tired muscles and an aching body happens to everyone. That’s why ULU have created together with The Harley Street Hospital this luxurious CBD massage oil – to provide your body with deep, lasting moisturisation and a soothing and instant relaxation.

CBD oil in skincare is a growing trend sweeping the UK market – and for great reason. CBD, with its natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing properties stimulates recovery, reduces redness and helps the skin to retain vital moisture. And with inflammation at the root of almost everything – from chronic pain to ageing – CBD extracts and oils work to ease aches, sooth stress and prolong your skin’s health. Join the thousands of UK customers who are already reaping the benefits of CBD oil for skin.

With a fresh and zesty aroma, our ULU @19 Harley Street CBD body oil targets dehydrated  skin for ultimate moisture and care. Our oil is designed to help with dry skin, eczema and acne, as well as inflammation and redness. Indulge yourself in the pure delight of ULU body lotion and give your skin and body the care and attention it deserves. Discover the unique properties of cannabidiol in combination with high-quality active ingredients.

  • 1% CBD 1000mg/100ml
  • Untraceable THC (less than 0.0005%)
  • Pesticide and Herbicide free
  • EU cultivation

You can buy it NOW

ulu @ 19 harley street cbd massage oil

ULU @ 19 The Harley Street Hospital 1% CBD Recovery Cream

Introducing ULU @19 Harley Street CBD Recovery Formula Cream. It is 1000 mg of organic, premium cannabidiol combined with premium natural ingredients including organic aloe leaf juice, cooling menthol, paprika, and camphor oil. Designed to invigorate the senses and to support muscle aches and pains.

Our muscles work hard for us every day. And if you’ve overworked yourself at the office or at the gym, you’ll definitely feel it. So, if you’re suffering from sore, tired muscles, why not try our innovative CBD Recovery Formula Cream?

Cannabidiol is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that gets to work both on the skin’s surface and below. So, whether you have hit the weights a little too hard, tweaked something during your last jog, or have chronic discomfort in a particular muscle group, our versatile CBD Recovery Formula Cream will have you back at peak performance in no time!

  • ULU CBD creaml contains 1.0% CBD (1000mg/100ml)
  • Untraceable THC (less than 0.0005%)
  • Pesticide and Herbicide free
  • EU cultivation

You can buy it right now


ulu @ 19 harley street 1% cbd recovery cream

ULU @ 19 The Harley Street Hospital Gaba and 5% CBD Sleep aid

Introducing our innovative ULU @19 Harley Street CBD Gaba Amino. We’ve combined our premium, organic CBD with natures amino acid: Gaba, to form the best supplement for sleep on the UK market. To ease your journey into sleep we have added a flavoursome honey extract.

Designed to help improve sleep quality and quantity, boost mood and beat stress, this CBD Gaba supplement works gently yet powerfully. CBD, a natural stressbuster and relaxant, works with the Gaba amino acid to relax your body and also your mind. And at a 5% cannabidiol concentration, this high-strength oil can get to work, achieving real and noticeable benefits.

You’re not yourself when you’re tired and stressed. Discover the calming benefits of taking Gaba enriched with cannabidiol today. Sweet dreams!

  • 5% CBD 1500mg/30ml
  • Untraceable THC (less than 0.0005%)
  • Pesticide and Herbicide free
  • EU cultivation
  • MCT carrier oil



ulu @19 The Harley Street Hospital CBD 5% Gaba Amino Honey 30ml
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