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How Ultrasonic Technology is Changing CBD

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CBD, and its quality, is all about the extraction. Extracting high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) from the base cannabis plant is a tricky process. Old school techniques that involve ethanol solvents are often hit-and-miss when it comes to quality. So, ULU relies on cutting-edge ultrasonic extraction. Read on to find out about how and why ultrasonic technology is used in all ULU CBD products.


How is CBD oil produced ?

The old fashioned method, which has several downsides, involves an extraction and distillation process that typically utilises heat to facilitate separation of CBD from the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) element. But this is a tricky process that requires a lot of time and patience. So it’s not ideal for producing high volumes of consistent quality CBD in a short timeframe.


How does ULU Nation produce CBD oil ?

Ultrasonic technology, as used by ULU Nation, has the answer. Unlike the thermal-based techniques, which require a process that lasts hours or even days to produce CBD oil, sonication (the use of ultrasonic waves) shortens that time to minutes. There’s also no need to use harsher solvents to unlock the inner content of the cells. Modern ultrasonic technology uses rapid ultrasonic sound waves to break down the cell exteriors, unlocking the precious cannabinoids within. This way, there’s no risk at all of any solvent making its way into your product. It’s also a much more environmentally-friendly way to produce CBD: one of our key concerns here at ULU Nation.


How does ultrasonic extraction work ?

To go into detail, the ultrasonic probe emits a series of high and low-pressure sound waves, which emit at a speed of up to 20,000 per second. These create an unstable environment that breaks through cellular walls. The forces that typically work to hold the cell together are no longer viable within the alternating pressurised atmosphere created by the probe. Millions upon millions of tiny bubbles are then created, which subsequently pop, leading to the complete breakdown of the protective cell wall. As the cell walls break down, this releases the inner materials, thus creating a potent extract.

Overall, it’s a big step forward compared to the traditional high heat and distillation methods. Which also risk eliminating the cannabinoids within the plant cells. With no heat required, this method more readily preserves precious CBD content, and also extracts the CBD much more quickly. The result: increased quality and purity.

Adopting modern technology like ultrasonic extraction is crucial in the quest for consistent high-quality CBD. And here’s why. Though butane and propane are the most common solvent-based extraction chemicals used, ethanol is also often used as an alternative. For one UK CBD brand tested by an independent lab this year, this proved to be a big flaw. The ethanol content in their CBD oil was 3.8% when it had hit the shelves: enough to be classified as an alcoholic beverage by UK trading standards.

If you’d like to learn more about why CBD oil quality is important, read our CBD oil quality blog.


Is the CBD oil THC free ?

There’s also the issue of correctly separating the cannabidiol from the THC, which 45% of UK CBD products failed to manage when tested independently in 2019. At ULU Nation, we pride ourselves on ensuring our CBD is pure THC-free. With a target THC content of just 0.0005%. With tools like ultrasonic extraction to hand, that’s something we can consistently achieve.



ULU is a CBD business like no other, with a firm focus on quality, accessibility, and technology. And we always put the customer first – both in terms of explaining the product and guaranteeing that it really is what it says. In order to achieve that, the correct technology when it comes to extraction is vital, even if it costs us more than other methods.

Traceability and accountability are two other priorities for ULU Nation. We’re a UK company that sell only to the UK (for now) and you know exactly where to find us – we’d love to hear from you. We also use only hemp sourced from Europe, which is free of fertiliser and pesticides. (And We have our products tested by third-party labs to prove it!)

That’s why we think we’re the best. And we hope you agree!

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