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Pablo’s Monday Blog – Anxious Times

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We start the decade and already we hear and read about troubling times across all regions of the world. With the speed of communication today, and the integrated networks, it does make life seem that there are only negative happenings and events in continuation. Maybe the old adage that ignorance is bliss rings true. Because today we are not protected from any event in any far reached corner of the world, we are told about them in real time. Indeed, I rather find the news shows a negative place to start or finish a day. In isolation, we are helpless to effect or impact these events and that can lead to a feeling of helplessness and anxious times.


Left Behind: Illegal, Medicinal Cannabis Use

Which made the publication of the excellent report by Dr. Daniel Couch for the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis  “Left Behind: The Scale of Illegal Cannabis Use for Medicinal Intent in the UK” most relevant and intriguing to read (you can find the link HERE). The report is based on a YouGov survey of 10,000 users and highlights that 3% of the UK population uses cannabis to treat a medical condition, with usage across all genres, social classes and age groups. Hence whilst cannabis use is illegal unless prescribed, nearly 1.4 Million users take risks to treat their medical conditions. 

To sum up the YouGov results the following reasons and numbers are given for the use of medical cannabis: 653,456 people are estimated to use cannabis to deal with depression. A further 586,188 for anxiety, 326,728 for chronic pain, and nearly quarter of a million people treat their arthritis. Overall that is a lot of people dealing with a multitude of health issues. 

Obviously this got me thinking, whilst ULU does not sell medicinal cannabis, we do know that a number of our customers and team do find benefits from using CBD to treat some of those conditions, particularly anxiety. On a personal level, it helps me control the arthritis I have in my right knee created from too many rugby injuries suffered in my youth. 

Of course our CBD does not contain THC, as can be seen in our independent CBD lab test results,  (the compound that gives you the high) and is therefore legal.


Try some Bob Proctor

Which brings me back to the overly negative media we now live with. I suggest keeping to a minimum your exposure to the latest news. And also focus the start and end of your day to the positive aspects that exist in your life. To help you achieve this, I am a big fan of Bob Proctor, and this video LINK is worth 10 minutes of your time. It will help put into perspective the negativity that can create these high levels of depression and anxiety.

Have a great week!




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