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Tom Corbet CBD user experience CBD in cycling


Here at ULU, we’re passionate at building a community of CBD users. We know that when it comes to CBD, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. So, helping our customers get to know each other as part of a community helps people to stay connected and informed. Today’s blog comes from Tom Corbet, avid sportsman from Essex. Learn about his sporting career, what he’s currently training for and how he uses CBD in cycling.


Tom Corbet, avid sportsman from Essex 

I’ve always been a keen sportsman and enjoyed the many challenges it brings. I’ve tried my hand at most sports including football, golf and sailing but I probably reached the highest level in rugby playing for Kent University, Canterbury RFC and more recently for my local home club Rochford Hundred Rugby Club in Essex, where I joined at the age of 11, but this year I’m taking on a very different challenge: cycling. 

I hung up my boots as it were in 2018 and since then have taken up cycling. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed since having a mountain bike as a child, but I didn’t really have time for it alongside rugby training and matches. Since giving that up, cycling is now my sporting focus. 

Tom cyclist CBD user


Why has cycling become such a focus for you?

The main reason; a big challenge I’m taking on in May, cycling from London to Amsterdam, the long way! It’s a four-day ride covering over 500 kilometers starting in Greenwich, London heading to Dover, then jumping on the ferry to Calais and heading to Bruges, then Rotterdam and finishing in Amsterdam. 

Like all good ideas, it started as a discussion in the pub as a way to raise money for charity following my wife’s diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2018. It’s been a tough couple of years of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant but luckily the signs are good and she’s no longer having treatment. 

I’m doing this along with seven friends for three incredible causes; Willow Foundation, Women on the Move Against Cancer (WOMAC) and Lymphoma Research Trust, all causes that are very close to my heart as they’ve been a great support during a difficult time. 

The trip is quite the family affair as it’s a self organised, self funded ride so we have three support cars including my wife and two-year old son, as well as parents plus some friends are flying out for the final day so I’m really looking forward to arriving in Amsterdam to a warm welcome. 


How are you training for this huge challenge?

Training for this challenge is taking a few different forms, long rides with a local group at the weekend, usually around 80 kilometres with an average pace of 30 kph. I really enjoy this element of the training, although it is a little chilly this time of year, but it’s fun to be out in a group and we always find a nice café to refuel. 

I’m also doing twice-weekly Trainer Road sessions on a turbo trainer. I’ve created my very own spin room in our garage, it’s not pretty but it does the job. These sessions aren’t the most fun but I turn the music up and hope the hour or so goes quickly. 


How do you use CBD in cycling?

Cycling is a very different sport to rugby, endurance is key, whereas in rugby strength and speed were the focus. After all you don’t see many road cyclists you could mistake for a rugby player! 

This means that the training is very different to what I was used to. One thing I’ve felt more from cycling is DOMS and flexibility issues. I’ve taken on a few things to help rectify this, yoga once a week, using a foam roller on my legs and ULU CBD muscle rub. It’s all definitely helping to relieve muscle fatigue and get me ready for my next training session, which is never far away. 

Wish me luck for May!  

Tom Corbet CBD scrub muscle fatigue
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Thanks, Tom!

It’s always great to hear about achievements and success stories from within the CBD community. And it’s fascinating to hear about how Tom Corbet has used CBD in cycling to relieve muscle fatigue!

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